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As an avid scrapbooker, you probably already know that the Internet is a boundless resource for sites related to creating memories through scrapbooking. The purpose of My Creative Memory is to provide a one-stop repository for it all. Not only does this simplify searches, but ensures that you are exposed to only reputable, true scrapbooking sites and links, thus eliminating the infamous wild goose chase! Hopefully in your searches, you will also get to meet and chat with fellow scrapbookers who enjoy creating memories as much as you do — a great way to share ideas and simply talk with other scrapbooking aficionados!

My Creative Memory also offers valuable insights to scrapbooking beyond products and creative ideas, such as interesting little-known facts and statistics. For example, scrapbooking surpasses a national sport in popularity. Do you know which one? We all know that scrapbookers like to shop for supplies, but do you know where they shop and how much they spend? My Creative Memory will fill you in on these and other interesting tidbits. Our goal is to cater to the fans of creative memories as well as those just getting started.

Whether digital or traditional scrapbooking, feel free to drop me an email to get your site added.


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