My Creative Memory

My Creative Memory

What is your number one reason for pulling out the camera and snapping away? For most of us, it is to capture a moment and, hopefully, the emotions and feelings we experienced at that time. In some ways, taking pictures is as close as we will ever get to stopping time. Over time, though, all those photographic memories start to accumulate, we tend to forget event dates, or worse, loose photos get lost or damaged. That is the beauty of creating memories by scrapbooking: you can artfully preserve your memories and have fun along the way! The finished product, your personalized creative memories, will last for generations to come.

Scrapbooking has come a long way since its strong emergence in the 1990’s, with detailed, colorful albums taking the place of magnetic pages in plain spiral binders. Making creative memories today entails countless hours of photo selection and painstaking trimming, cropping, and detailing, all of which bring enormous pleasure to the designer. Scrapbookers are picky, too, demanding only the highest quality albums, paper, and related products that are guaranteed to preserve their cherished photos, creative memories and memorabilia indefinitely.

For many of you, scrapbooking is old hat, with years of experience under your belts. But for some, the desire to start making creative memories is new. Where do you begin? After all, the scrapbooking world can be overwhelming in its choices. That is why Creative Memories has scrapbooking solutions for everyone!  Digital or traditional.

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